Forum answers VIII - LA Kings Insider

Continuing to push through, here’s the eighth set of the “Open Forum” questions and answers…


Vahe asked: With the Lakers Leaving FS West this fall, will the Kings have a bigger role on the network (a pregame show, longer post game, etc..)

Answer: I’ve heard some unofficial chatter about this, and yes, I believe there will be an increased presence this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the pregame show return. A postgame show is more difficult, especially on the road, because Bob and Jim have to hit the road quickly after games, just as I do. I would think that the move of the Lakers would reduce/eliminate the need to put games on Ch. 13, also.


Kings Win, Ducks lose asked: Do any of the Kings currently under contract have a NTC/NMC attached to their agreements? According to, we are the only team without one in the entire NHL… I would think maybe that Richards, Carter, (Doughty, Kopitar & Quick when they reach “7 years in or 27years old” eligible status) might have one in place… Can you find out from Dean Lombardi/LA Kings Mgt?

Answer: At this point, none of the players have a NTC or NMC. That could change as they get deeper into the contracts, and I haven’t had time to explore each one, but as of this moment, there are no such clauses.


VegasDave asked: What will happen if the cap is lowered per the current NHL demand? Who goes?

Answer: If the NHL was to lower the cap, it would almost certainly be accompanied by an across-the-board reduction of salaries, so unless a team is currently in cap trouble, it’s doubtful that any cap reduction would put them into trouble.


East Coast Kings Fan asked: Kings fan in New Jersey here, and I’m sure there’s others in the area wondering this. Any word on if Justin Williams is doing any public event with his day with the cup in Ventnor? I feel lucky enough I got to go to game 1 since Newark is an hour north of me, but a picture with the Cup would pretty much make my life complete.

Answer: Haven’t heard about anything, but I’ll certainly pass it along if I do.


Press Box Scratch asked: 1) Do we have a full list of whose names are going on the Cup? Wasn’t sure about guys like Trent Hunter, etc 2) Do you know how long the radio contract with 1150 is for ? Reception is a little spotty outside LA, although there are options like Satellite Radio (thank goodness) 3) Is Mike Murphy in line for a Kings Legends night ? Doesn’t seem like we get too many 50/50 calls from the War Room in Toronto, maybe we need to send a little love up there (where Murphy is in charge) 4) What was the feeling about the Kings Fest events of the past couple years. Seems like some version of that right before Training Camp would be option. I think the line for “take your picture with the Cup” would start next week

Answers: 1) They have to have played more than half of the regular-season games or at least one Finals game. No, definitely no on Trent Hunter. 2) The Kings have one more year on their current deal with 1150-AM. 3) I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be a motivating factor, but I’m also sure that he would be considered because of his accomplishments. 4) The HockeyFest thing got scrapped this year because of lockout concerns. I’m sure the Kings will continue to have Cup events after it returns to Los Angeles.


858King asked: When the Kings make changes to the ice at Staples, for example, adding “Stanley Cup Playoffs” or “Stanley Cup Final” to the ice do they simply paint over the ice or do they completely redo all of it?

Answer: Yes, “Shotongoal’’ answered for you. They melt a small section of the ice down a bit, enough to place the decal logo down and have it covered again. The only time the ice is completely broken down is at the end of the season.


kellyt asked: Any talk in starting games at 7pm instead of 7:30pm, like Lakers,Clippers, even the Ducks

Answer: Of the three teams you mentioned, I believe the Ducks are the only team that regularly starts games at 7 p.m. I know for certain that the Lakers start at 7:30 and I believe the Clippers do also. But no, I haven’t heard of any plans to change start times.


Mel Powell asked: My question: “Ninth?!?” Having phrased it that way…the impression is that classy guys like Anze Kopitar really don’t care about things like the Selke; they say they’d been honored to win it, it would be nice, but that’s not a focus. Still, there remains what appears to be an understandable but brutal non-West bias with individual recognition. Do the Kings organizational types talk about it? Do they lobby or push on behalf of players? If so, does it help? If not, would it help?

Answer: I think “understandable but brutal’’ is a good way to describe it. The organization certainly does attempt to “lobby’’ for players, and you’re seeing an increase in that with the increase of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) but West Coast teams still lag. I don’t know whether that will ever completely change. The reality is that the NHL’s power base is located in the Northeast, and that a lot of East Coast people simply don’t watch as much late-night, West Coast hockey. Now that the Kings have won the Stanley Cup, though, and players such as Quick, Doughty, Brown and Kopitar have received national attention, I would think that the attitude toward those players will shift a bit.


Jason K for Kings asked: 1. Who do you think was the biggest standout in the Kings development camp? 2. Do you expect Bernier to be dealt before the season starts?

Answers: 1) Based on filling a potential role, long-term, I’d say Andy Andreoff. 2) I think the odds are against it.


Dr. T asked: Is there a monetary prize axxociated with winning the Stanley Cup, say like winning the President’s Cup? My wife and I have a bet. Once again, thanks for all the great coverage.

Answer: Monetary prize for whom? The players? That depends on the team. A team is allowed to give bonuses to players for winning the Cup, but they are not forced to give those bonuses. The Kings do give bonuses. Team are not allowed to give bonuses to players based on regular-season results, and they’re not allowed to give bonuses to players who, for instance, go to the conference finals and lose.


Kluka68 asked: last year Trent Hunter was invited to Kings training camp. How invitation in general happens? Does GM calls to player’s agent and asks him if the palyer want to come to the camp or there is other way? Thanks!

Answer: It could go either way. If it’s a more-veteran player, such as Hunter, he probably had a handful of teams offering him a spot in camp, and he chose one. A younger player, such as an undrafted free agent, might attract the attention of only one team. And an agent, particularly for an established player, will probably be dropping his player’s name in conversations with general managers, trying to drum up some interest.