Gagne postgame quotes (June 4) - LA Kings Insider

Simon Gagne’s postgame thoughts…

(on how he felt in the game…)
GAGNE: “I felt pretty good. I worked hard to get back and play. I was not sure if I was going to play. To get back on the ice and play a game and get back on the ice after a while is always good, especially in a Stanley Cup Final. (There is) no better feeling.”

(on playing after being out for so long…)
GAGNE: “Until you play a game, it’s hard to know. We did a lot of work after practice with the coaches and tried to work on a lot of things that are similar to the game. Until you get there, you never know.”

(on when he was told he was going to play…)
GAGNE: “Coach told me to get ready after Game 2. After we won the game in Jersey, when Carter scored, he came right away to see me and said, `Get ready, get ready for next game.’ After that, I didn’t talk to him until this morning. This morning he said, `Are you good to go?’ and I said, `Yeah, sure.’ At the same time, I was hoping I was going to play.”