Quick postgame quotes (May 30) - LA Kings Insider

Jonathan Quick’s postgame thoughts…

(on matching up against Martin Brodeur, “step for step”…)
QUICK: “I’m not looking to match him step for step. I’m not trying to score on him. He’s not trying to score on me. I’ll leave that to the forwards and D. I’m trying to make saves and help my team win a game.”

(on the low number of shots in the game…)
QUICK: “Last series, I played a handful of games where I’d see around 20 shots. You know, I didn’t really know what to expect coming into this game, seeing as we haven’t played them in so long. Watching Ranger games, they had anywhere between 40 shots and 20 shots against Lundqvist. I was just going shift by shift. If the team needed me, I just wanted to make the save.”

(on the reason for the Kings’ road success…)
QUICK: “I think we’ve out‑worked teams. I think whoever wins this series is going to be the team that out‑works the other.”

(on his tussle with Zach Parise…)
QUICK: “Well, I don’t know how — he may have got tripped up a little bit. He ended up, you know, right at my knees there. I don’t know if they were trying to get to the net. He kind of grabbed me a little bit. Just gave him a little shove back. That’s all it was. Nothing big.”

(on the Devils’ goal…)
QUICK: “It’s a bounce. That’s part of the game. Felt like I played it the right way. I was trying to get it into the corner, over the glass, get a whistle. The way I directed it, it ended up, I don’t know who it hit, but it hit somebody, then it ended up in the back of the net.”