Brown postgame quotes (May 30) - LA Kings Insider

Dustin Brown’s postgame thoughts…

(on winning on the road…)
BROWN: “We’re comfortable on the road. We execute well, and so far this year, it’s been good defense, really good goaltending and timely goals.’’

(on getting a goal against the run of play in overtime, and what it says about the Kings…)
BROWN: “It’s kind of been the staple of our team all year. We’ve been really good, in this postseason, in handling momentum. I thought they took it to us in the second half of the game, and maybe the last five minutes of the third, we took it to them. Overtime, it’s overtime. There’s going to be chances both ways. They had some good chances, and we found the best chance.’’

(on the dressing-room conversation before overtime…)
BROWN: “Just keep the energy up, support, quick plays. The ice was bad, so make sure you’re doing the short plays and all the little plays. With the ice, and overtime, it’s going to be a little play that costs you the game. It turned out that it was a little chip and a bad read, and Kopi got a breakaway.’’

(on the bad ice…)
BROWN: “It’s a little bit harder to play in this type of climate, but both teams are doing it, so it’s a little bit of an even playing field out there. You look at some of the plays tonight, with pucks bouncing, not a lot of good opportunities. … It’s one of those things. The D, if you’re going to make a mistake, you want it to be up higher in the zone. The D are behind the net and the puck is rolling on them. They’re throwing it off the glass, which is probably the best play, and then you kind of battle it out from there. It’s something both teams have to deal with.’’

(on managing emotions in Game 1…)
BROWN: “I think you approach it like any other game. I know that sounds funny, but that’s what you have to do. It’s pretty easy, once you get to the rink and get ready to go. It becomes just like another game.’’