Sutter postgame quotes (March 31) - LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
SUTTER: “We hung in there. We played two games in less than a day. In the first period, we were trying to be a smart team. We played pretty good.’’

(on whether this was a “good’’ trip, and almost a “great’’ trip…)
SUTTER: “Yeah, I think so. Heck, that’s what I told them. We got three out of four (points) in a day. And five out of six in less than four days. I think if you’d have said that, at any other time than right now, you’d say it was great.’’

(on adjusting after the first period…)
SUTTER: “We just had to tighten up some of our things in the neutral zone, for what they try to do to us in the neutral, and allow us to use our strengths. It was nothing to do with work, or anything like that. It was just tightening it up a little bit when we had the puck.’’

(on being able to control their fate with three games left…)
SUTTER: “Big point. I’m not a philosopher or Nostradamus or nothing. I can’t do any of that stuff. We got our 91st point tonight, and hopefully it’s a big one.’’

(on whether he felt a point got away tonight…)
SUTTER: “Not really. I don’t think we let anything slip away. I don’t know what there would be for me to complain about, to be quite honest.’’