Scuderi postgame quotes (March 31) - LA Kings Insider

Rob Scuderi’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
SCUDERI: “First of all, we’re disappointed about tonight. No excuses, the trip, nothing like that. We’re disappointed. But to take a step back and look at the trip as a whole, I think five out of eight points is about what we needed. Four would have been acceptable, but five or six makes it good. It could have been great. We gave up a point in the shootout there, after giving up the lead, but like I said, all things considered it’s not a bad trip for us.’’

(on rebounding from the first period…)
SCUDERI: “No excuses, but to me it’s more mental. When you make a trip like that, blah blah blah, whatever you want to say, it’s not so much about the physical element of playing hockey. It’s more about the mental side of things. Mentally, you’re a little slow. You’re not as sharp. Once we got through the first period, we got some of the crap out of our system and out of our heads and I thought, the rest of the game, we played fine.’’

(on facing a team that has nothing to lose…)
SCUDERI: “I don’t really look at the other team. For us, where we are right now in the standings, we need the points bad. It doesn’t matter whether we’re playing a team that’s in it or out of it. But to their credit, I thought they played very well. They didn’t give up too much. I thought they played real tight defensively. They had a couple good speed rushes, a couple good opportunities, and they really made us work for what we got tonight.’’