Kings keep narrow focus after long break - LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter was typically direct when asked about the Kings’ short-term focus and goals coming out of the All-Star break.

“Columbus beat us 1-0 last time, so I think that should be our focus,” Sutter said.

Fair enough. With the Kings set to embark on a season-long six-game road trip Thursday, it might be easy to overlook Wednesday’s game against the last-place Blue Jackets. You’d have to think Sutter won’t let that happen. In general, though, it remains to be seen how the Kings will come out of their extra-long break. Will they be a step slow or will they be focused and fresh? Before the break, Sutter talked about the good that could come from it, given that his hobbled players would have a chance to rest and rehabilitate nagging injuries. Sutter was asked whether those “walking wounded” had received a chance to properly recover.

SUTTER: “Everybody I asked, or talked to, said they were good. That’s always good. … Whoever handles it the best, in terms of coming out of it in a good frame of mind, are always the guys that do the best. It gives them a chance to reload.”

Sutter also discussed what his goal was for practice in the two days leading up to tomorrow’s game against Columbus…

SUTTER: “Some system things, reinforce some things in the system. I’m not being smart when I say that the young, fast guys are still young and fast. Guys that are a little bit slower-footed, they’ve got to get their feet going again.”