Murray postgame quotes (Oct. 30) - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on again scoring only two regulation goals…)
MURRAY: “Well, I don’t think that was it tonight. The goals they got, they got a shorthanded goal. They got a real lucky bounce off the end boards. It’s hard to believe that the boards in the NHL would not be installed properly, in this day and age. It’s incredible. I mean, they’re not in and out. There’s no NBA. But you get a bad break on that one, and then I think the shot Duchene took ended up deflecting off, or hitting, Doughty, and went up into the top corner. I don’t think Quicker saw it at all. So, they got a couple breaks. We played really good. We played very well here, with three games in four nights. To come in and play, and almost double up the shots, and the offensive-zone time, I was really proud of the way we played here today.’’

(on getting only four goals in the last two games, despite 30-plus shots in each…)
MURRAY: “You’ve got to keep shooting. You’ve got to keep playing pucks off the net. If you go back through the video, which I will on the flight back home, I’ll probably see 10 to 12 shots that were great shooting places and opportunities, and we missed the net. That’s where, in my mind, you need to take better advantage of playing pucks on the goaltender and looking for the second opportunities. We need to refocus on that part of it.’’

(on not taking advantage of Varlamov’s rebounds…)
MURRAY: “Almost every time the puck came to the net, there was something there. Late in the third period, I just wish we would have kept doing that. Hit the goalie. Instead, we’re trying to score from the blue line or from the tops of the circles. It’s a hard thing to do, because if you don’t, it is what it is. You miss the net and now you probably go back and break out again.’’

(on whether Quick made the correct read on the wraparound goal…)
MURRAY: “It’s a very quick play, that one. I don’t think it should have got to that point, on the wraparound. You’ve got to get there. You’ve got to get to the post and give yourself a chance, and he did that.’’

(on whether he noticed bad-bounce boards in Colorado before…)
MURRAY: “No, I haven’t noticed it here before. But it should never happen. To me, it should never happen. If it comes off the glass, that’s one thing, or the separator there on the glass. But to come off the boards, I just don’t see that. That should never happen.’’