Vote for `suite night' options - LA Kings Insider

Thanks to some great work by Frank Robledo and Staples Center’s Larry Abel, we’re able to make early plans for this season’s suite nights. Those who have attended in the past two seasons can attest to the good times and camaraderie, and it’s always neat to put faces to names and see readers get to know each other in person. The plan is to have two nights, one early in the season and one in either January or March. Thanks to Frank and Larry, we’ve been able to secure a price point of $75 per ticket, same as last season, and that will include some “bonus” features that we’re still working out (to be announced later). For those thinking of coming in from out of town, Larry is looking into the possibility of a hotel rate across the street from Staples Center. More details on that to come. Most important, though, is the selection of dates. We have four options for the first game and two for the second game, so the best way to go about this is to have polls. Please only vote if you believe there is a strong possibility you might be able to attend the game. In a few days, we will formally determine the dates. Thanks!