Thanks to everyone... - LA Kings Insider

On a bit of a personal note here… The day after the end of a season, for anyone involved in hockey — players, coaches, management, support staff, media, etc. — is always a bit weird. You go through six-plus months of everyday work and fall into a routine and rhythm and then, just like that, it ends. It takes a couple days to re-adjust to life, but soon enough, things will be starting up again. Between the draft, free agency, trades, development camp and other things, there’s always some type of hockey to discuss.

Thanks to everyone for a great season. Thanks to the Kings players, coaches, management members and staff for their cooperation and good nature, in good times and bad. Hockey is the best sport to cover because its people are the best in all of professional sports. Thanks to all the members of the Kings’ broadcasting travel crew — including, at various times, Bob Miller, Jim Fox, Nick Nickson, Daryl Evans, Hoover Dorfman, Mike Hassan and Rohin Das — for all the friendship and laughs on the road. Thanks to Michael Altieri, Jeff Moeller, Mike Kalinowski and Jeremy Zager, the Kings’ communications staff (and their interns), as well as Dewayne Hankins, Aaron Brenner, Heidi Androl and the crew for all their assistance. Finally, and most importantly, thanks to all of you. I get a lot of people thanking me during the course of the season, and while that is much appreciated, I’m the one who needs to be thanking you. Without your loyal readership and support, i wouldn’t be able to do the job that I love, so please accept my sincere thanks.

So, on we go. Over the next few days, I’ll have exit-interview coverage and my own season analysis, so don’t stray too far!