Murray postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on winning the tight game and clinching a playoff spot…)
MURRAY: “It’s a game that you want to win. That’s a hard game to win, whenever those games are there for you to get into the playoffs, to still have an opportunity to get home-ice advantage in the playoffs. You’re looking at your team and saying, `Guys, this is a game we’ve got to have.’ Those are the hard ones to win. The guys stepped up. It was a fun game to coach tonight.”

(on being able to “exhale” after clinching…)
MURRAY: “Well, we can take a deep breath and we can breathe out, but we’ve got two big games ahead of us. We’ll get on the ice tomorrow at 11:30. We’ve got another couple big games against Anaheim. They’re playing very well. They won tonight against San Jose, so we want to keep going and try to get that home-ice advantage.”

(on Jonathan Quick’s shootout record…)
MURRAY: “In the shootout, Jonathan Quick is outstanding, He really gets his focus and sometimes he amazes me, as to how he comes out at the end of the day on the shootout situation. He had to make a stop for us to win, and he did.”

(on Kyle Clifford’s goal…)
MURRAY: “You got a glimpse of the future there. That was a great goal. That was a young kid, (20) years old, that’s showing you how to play a power game that is going to make him a real successful player on this team for a long time. That’s a hard play. That’s a lot of courage, to go to the net as hard as he did. Simmonds makes a great play. Scuds makes a great play to get the puck up to Simmonds, and then he gets around the defenseman. But to find Clifford driving as hard as he did, to get to the net with no hold-back, boy, that’s a glimpse of the future for sure.”