Doughty postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Drew Doughty’s postgame thoughts…

(on the questionable hits in the game…)
DOUGHTY: “Obviously the two teams, we have a pretty big rivalry from the beginning. We don’t get along too well on the ice, and they’re always hard-fought games. It seems like those scrums after the whistle and stuff happen every time, but that’s a part of hockey and the playoff atmosphere. Approaching playoffs, that’s just how all of our games, here on out, are going to be. It’s harder, but at the same time it’s a lot more fun.”

(on not recording a shot on goal in the third period…)
DOUGHTY: “That’s not a good thing, obviously. We’d like to get 15 shots a period if we can. That we didn’t get a shot in the third period, there’s no way we’re going to come back from a 2-1 deficit if we’re not getting any shots. So obviously that’s something we’re not too happy about, and next game we better get a bunch of shots every period.”

(on frustration possibly coming out in the third period…)
DOUGHTY: “Obviously some frustration. The guy that went down on the (second) penalty ends up scoring the third goal. So we’re obviously not happy with some of the calls, but that’s not something we can (worry about). We’ve just got to look past that. We had to kill off that 5-on-3, and unfortunately we didn’t, but I thought we played well for the first two periods, and then after that we weren’t as good. We need to look back and make sure our third period is better.”