Smyth postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Ryan Smyth’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
SMYTH: “Well, it’s done, so we put it behind us. We have 11 games left, and we are in control of our destiny. … There are no easy games; we can’t take any nights off. It’s very frustrating, and if you’re not frustrated in this room then you shouldn’t be in it. It’s, for sure, a disappointing loss, especially the way we played. But it doesn’t matter if you lose 2-1 or 4-0, it’s a loss and it’s behind us now.”

(on St. Louis’ game…)
SMYTH: “We give them a lot of credit, they played well. They played well defensively and it’s a matter of getting everybody going and limiting the turnovers. They’re a good team on the transition.”

(on the game…)
SMYTH: “That wasn’t our game. There were sporadic moments, but we were off tonight.”