Murray postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on scoring after allowing the late goal…)
MURRAY: “That’s a tough one, whenever that happens. I thought Quicker had it covered, and he kind of lost it, but what a response. That’s the main thing. What a response by that line. They get the puck to the net and dig in. There’s a lot of traffic, a lot of people banging and hacking around the blue paint, and the puck pops on Zeus’ stick. So it was a good finish for us.”

(on the defense the Kings had to play…)
MURRAY: “It’s a very interesting team there. They really have tight spaces on the puck. They have great support and there’s a lot of puck possession. Especially in the second period, I thought we had a tough time getting out of our end. We didn’t give up any shots. Everything was on the perimeter, but just territorially, they held on and had a significant advantage in that area. We finally got some play at their end and we scored the goal, and we had a couple of good opportunities after that, but you have to really check well, and we did that today.”

(on the Kings’ recent road success…)
MURRAY: “When you get on the road, you know you have to play well, that you’ve got to do the right things, that everything really matters. Every pass, every play is important. Every shift is important. The young hockey club that we are, we have that locked in pretty well, on the emotional side of the game, that this is the most important part. You just do the right things there, and you get the puck back and we’ll spend some time in the offensive zone. And we’ve also had very good special-teams play. We scored a power-play goal again here tonight and had a couple of big kills against a very good power play. It kind of comes together, with your goaltender. It all falls in place for you.”

(on avenging the last loss to Dallas…)
MURRAY: “They’ve been close games here against Dallas, over the last couple of years. We don’t look at it as redemption, just an important hockey game in the standings, in this division. That moves us a point ahead of them and wins the season series against them. That was important, as far as a focal point at the start of the game.”