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All-Star weekend poll

As part of my segment on Fox Sports West tonight, we're going to be talking about the All-Star weekend and fan interest. Obviously, there was a good amount of interest here because of Anze Kopitar's participation, but in general, what did you think? Did the ``fantasy draft'' and that change in forma... Full Story
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Trying to tame the Wild

In terms of intensity, the Kings and Minnesota Wild should come out of the All-Star break firing tonight. Each team has 55 points -- Minnesota claims 10th place in the West by virtue of having played one fewer game -- and both teams were getting good results before the break. The Kings won three con... Full Story
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Morning in Minnesota

There will be plenty of ``morning views'' in the next few weeks, and here's the first one, from snowy St. Paul. Thankfully, the slush on the ground froze a bit overnight, so it's possible to walk on it, and the air temperature isn't too bad either. The Kings are scheduled to be on the ice for their ... Full Story