Murray on deadline: `I like our guys' - LA Kings Insider

Asked about Monday’s trade deadline, and the impact it can have on players who might be nervous about their futures, Terry Murray said with a laugh, “I hope it effects all those Minnesota players big-time here tonight.” Murray knows, of course, that no player — except for those with no-trade clauses, of course — feels completely secure these days and that every player will probably get a little jumpy when his phone rings over the next few days. “In honesty,” Murray said, “players are aware of when the date is, when they’re through the trading deadline and still a part of the team. It’s out of their control, but there is a lot of thought put into it, absolutely.”

It’s well-known, of course, that the Kings remain in the market for a forward in advance of Monday’s deadline, but Murray hedged his bets a bit today when asked if there was anything he would like to see the Kings pick up… “I like our team,” Murray said. “I like our guys. I like the way the locker room has come together. It’s a solid group of guys. You go through a road trip like we just went through, and that’s everybody battling hard for the team. I like our team.”