Johnson postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Jack Johnson’s postgame thoughts…

(on the two power-play goals…)
JOHNSON: “I thought we had good movement. Guys were shooting when they could, and I thought that was the biggest thing. I thought we moved well, and moved the puck well. Everyone was in sync.”

(on his power-play partnership with Drew Doughty…)
JOHNSON: “He and I really enjoy playing with each other. We’re just kind of reading and reacting, and we have fun doing it. So whatever the coaches decide is best, but I know Drew and I have a lot of fun playing with each other.”

(on getting some momentum going on the power play…)
JOHNSON: “Right, and even if we don’t score, if we’re moving well and creating chances, we gain more and more confidence and it carries over, not only on the power play but 5-on-5 for us, as well.”