Johnson postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Jack Johnson’s postgame thoughts…

(on the shootout…)
JOHNSON: “It makes it a lot harder, no question. I think the whole point of getting a point in overtime is to make it a little more wide open and take chances. I think that was the whole point of why it was put in place, to go for the win and not sit back in overtime, but three point games make it tough to catch teams (in the standings).”

(on the four-minute penalty kill…)
JOHNSON: “It was everything. It was the game. That was the difference between pretty much getting into overtime and getting a point, or zero points. Four minutes is a long time to kill (against) the San Jose Sharks. They have a lot of world-class players over there, so it was a great penalty kill. It definitely gives you some confidence and gives you a chance to get a point. You get a point out of the game. If they score there, it’s going to make it pretty tough on us to get a goal with only a couple of minutes left in the hockey game.”