Scuderi postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Rob Scuderi’s postgame thoughts…

(on the last two losses…)
SCUDERI: “They were certainly two of our ugliest of the year. We’re not making excuses for ourselves, but it does happen. We have to scrape it under the rug and move on.”

(on how much of a factor fatigue plays in a season…)
SCUDERI: “Sure, it plays a factor. There are tough parts of the schedule, but you’ve got to suck it up. Every single team in this league is going to go through that, at one point or another. It’s up to us to suck it up and, most importantly, to play better.”

(on the defensive mistakes…)
SCUDERI: “We’re certainly not tightening up like we should be, and like we have all season. Tonight, I thought we were playing fine in the first period. The only two chances I think they got, the whole period, they buried them. That’s the way it goes sometimes. You try to shake it off, but certainly we’re going to need some work in that department.”