Smyth postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Ryan Smyth’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
SMYTH: “We were disappointed with our last game, in St. Louis, and we wanted to come out with a little conviction tonight. I thought we did that right from the outset. Obviously, 15 seconds into the game, that gives the team a boost.”

(on jumping on the Predators early…)
SMYTH: “We knew that they played last night. All teams go through it, and we’re up against Chicago tomorrow so I’m sure they’re going to try to do the same. So what we wanted to do was execute right from the get-go, and we did that.”

(on the play of the Kings’ forwards…)
SMYTH: “In the game at St. Louis, we battled back into it, then we just sort of didn’t push back when they did. Meaning all of the forwards. We didn’t execute what we were capable of doing. Where we’re effective as a group of forwards is behind their net and at their net, and I thought every line was doing that tonight.”