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Jonathan Quick’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
QUICK: “Well, it’s great to get those saves, but at the end of the day, those two points is all that matters. It felt like one point got away the other night against Minnesota, and it’s great to come into this rink (and win). It’s a tough rink and a great hockey team, and we had some tremendous goal support. The power play was clicking, the PK was clicking and it was a good team win.”

(on his eagerness to play again after Saturday’s tough game…)
QUICK: “The way that game ended up, it was a bit disappointing. I was looking forward to getting back out and kind of putting that game in the past and playing another game.”

(on his play this season…)
QUICK: “I think I’ve played well. Obviously there’s room for improvement. No matter how well you’re playing, there’s always room for improvement. There are always things you can get better at. But now, we’re starting to get into the tough months. December, January, February, these are going to be the tough months. These are where the games are tougher to win, and everyone is starting to ramp up their game and start playing better. So it will be interesting, going forward, to hopefully continue this momentum and finish up this road trip strong.”