Murray postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on beating Calgary…)
MURRAY: “They’re always a tough team to play against. They come to the game and they’re ready to compete, play hard. They’ve got some big guys and they’ve got some real top guys in the league. Iginla is a powerful man who can pull pucks off the boards and make plays. They have several other guys, and on the back end they have two or three guys who bring it. We saw that on the power-play goal they scored, with Babchuk. He can bring it as good as anybody.”

(on Clifford’s goal…)
MURRAY: “Whenever you’re playing against Calgary, and one of the top goaltenders, Kiprusoff, you have to get to the net. You’ve got to get to the blue paint, and good things will happen if you get pucks there. That’s exactly what the scenario was on that play. Simmer is F3. He’s high and he just pokes the puck to keep it alive. He recovers it and now we go to the net with Clifford, and you’re throwing pucks to the net from angles and you’re hoping something good is going to happen, and it did. Cliffy is now the proud owner of his first puck, first goal in the National Hockey League.”

(on Clifford’s plan to give the puck to his parents for Christmas…)
MURRAY: “That’s pretty cheap. [laughs] I’m happy for him. I thought he had it a couple other times, earlier, and for him to get it tonight, I’m real happy for him.”