Doughty postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Drew Doughty’s postgame thoughts…

(on beating Calgary…)
DOUGHTY: “In my three years here, I think that was the best 60 minutes we’ve played against that team. Every time, I don’t know what it is, but we come out slow against them, and if we have the lead, we lose it, or if we’re losing, we never get it back. So it was definitely good to play tonight. That whole 60 minutes, I thought we were stellar the entire time, except for maybe in that last five minutes when they got that goal, they were on us a little bit. But besides that, we were great.”

(on the three-game winning streak…)
DOUGHTY: “We’re obviously still not happy about all those losses, but we’re past that, and now that we’re on a roll we just want to continue this. We’ve got a big game Saturday, and then we go right into Detroit on Monday. So both of those games are conference games, and must-wins.”