Schenn returns, for now - LA Kings Insider

Brayden Schenn is back with the Kings, but for how long? It’s expected that the Kings will make a decision on Schenn’s short-term future before Thursday’s game, meaning that they will make the call as to whether to keep him or return him to junior. (It’s possible that Schenn’s short-term future might also include playing in next month’s World Juniors.) Schenn completed his AHL conditioning assignment over the weekend and had four goals, three assists and a plus-3 rating in seven games. Here’s what Schenn said today about his AHL time, and his future…

Question: Did you feel like you accomplished what you needed to in Manchester?

SCHENN: “The main thing was to get some confidence back and go play some games. I felt that I did do both of those, and now I come back here and hopefully I’ll just keep on working and see what happens. I’m just trying to work my way back into the lineup.”

Question: You’ve been in limbo, sort of, for quite a while now. Would you like some type of resolution soon, whatever it might be?

SCHENN: “I just take it day by day. It’s their decision, but after that stint (in Manchester), hopefully I can make their decision a little easier. I went down there trying to focus on my D-zone play, and I thought I improved. I came out with a good plus-minus, so I guess that’s a positive as well. So I guess we’ll just see what happens here now.”

Question: Were you able to get your legs back under you a little, get in some game shape?

SCHENN: “Yeah. I played seven games in 10 or 11 nights, so that was a lot of hockey. It was good to get going and get back into game shape, that type of thing. The main thing was to gain some confidence down there.”