Murray postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on whether this was an improved effort…)
MURRAY: “Well, it was a good 60 minutes, yeah. We played well enough to win the game. We’re not scoring goals. There’s nothing happening in the end result, obviously, with the goal scoring. The other part of the game is pretty good. I thought we checked well. We had good puck movement. We turned it over a little bit, in the second period, on some breakouts where they came back at us, but overall the attitude of the checking was good here tonight, and the opportunities were there. We’re not capitalizing.”

(on Hiller’s late-game save on Kopitar…)
MURRAY: “It kind of reminded me of the playoffs last year, with Luongo’s save on Ryan Smyth, that shooting it into the glove. And that’s the way it goes. You’ve got to keep going, though. You can’t let that discourage you. You just have to keep battling away at it, and it’s going to turn around. When you get those kind of opportunities, obviously the next time could be the one that will kick the door open a little bit for us, and we can start to be a better hockey club again on the offensive part of it.”

(on whether he might make line changes…)
MURRAY: “No, no I’m not. Again, the overall team game is pretty good. There’s lots of good things happening, and we’re building, I think, every game, to just break through. It’s just a matter of getting the next opportunity. So I’m not going to fool around with the line combinations right now. I’m starting to see some good chemistry develop.”

(on the play of Doughty and Johnson…)
MURRAY: “They need to be better. They need to be better. Everybody is battling a little bit, a little bit of fumbling of the puck, and maybe a little bit of nervous play with the puck at times. We need those guys. The only way you get out of anything is with your best players taking charge, and we need them to be our best players. The two players on the back end, Doughty and Jack, we need them to be A-plus every night, and certainly right now. I thought they had a slow start, and then they got a little bit better as the game went along, but we need those guys better, for sure.”