Staying with the plan - LA Kings Insider

Entering tonight’s games, Jonathan Quick is tied for the league lead with seven wins, is third in the league in save percentage at .936 — behind leader Tim Thomas and his ridiculous .984 — and fourth in the league in goals-against average, at 1.84. Before the season, Terry Murray was firm in saying that he would look to limit Quick to 60 games this season, and play backup Jonathan Bernier approximately once a week, but Murray was asked today whether Quick’s strong start had him rethinking his goalie plan at all…

MURRAY: “It doesn’t change anything that I planned before the season started. I mapped it out, in pencil mind you, but it’s mapped out through the start of the new year, and I’m going to follow that plan right now. Both goalies are young and hungry and want to play every game, I know, but we’re going to stick with what we have in place, with Quick playing a majority of them.”

Looking at the schedule, though, it’s not obvious when Bernier would start next. The Kings have lengthy breaks, both this week and next week, between games, and don’t play another set of back-to-back games until Nov. 19-20.