Shot mentality - LA Kings Insider

“Shot mentality” is one of Terry Murray’s favorite phrases, and while the Kings are just 1-3-1 in their last five games, Murray believes the Kings are on the right track, offensively, because their shot totals are increasing. In their last five games, the Kings have averaged 30.6 shots on goal. In their previous five games, the Kings had averaged 22.8 shots per game. Anze Kopitar had a team-high eight shots on goal Tuesday, one fewer than his season high.

MURRAY: “Our shot attitude really changed after the Olympic break. When you break the game down, the numbers confirm it. Shots attempted, shots blocked, shots on net, it dropped significantly. Just in the last few games now, we’re starting to get that back. That’s where our game is at. You have to put up around 65-70 shots, at the net, to be able to score some goals in this game today. It’s starting to crawl back up into area.”

Murray was also asked about Kopitar’s shot total in particular, and it was suggested that he must have liked the eight-shot figure…

MURRAY: “I really do, and I like where they’re coming from. He’s coming with a lot of speed through the middle of the ice and attacking, whether it’s in the wide lane or through the middle. He has that presence, when coming down into the offensive zone, to shoot the puck. He shoots it so heavy and so hard that if you get people driving through and stopping at the net, most times there are going to be other opportunities there.”