Murray, on the goalies - LA Kings Insider

Here’s what Terry Murray said, after practice today, about the decision to start Jonathan Bernier in goal tomorrow against Vancouver and Jonathan Quick on Saturday against Anaheim (and beyond, apparently).

MURRAY: “This is the first opportunity that I’ve been able to back away from Quicker for a little while. His opportunity just to get some quality practice time in, for several days, is there because of Jonathan Bernier’s performance in last night’s game. He was solid, he had a shutout and I’m going to reward that performance with the game tomorrow against Vancouver. I want to take advantage of that solid performance and, again, give Quicker the opportunity to get specific in some drills and just go back at those looks for a few days in a row.

Quick is our No. 1 goaltender. There’s no gray area on that one. He’s going to jump back into the net here against Anaheim, and he will play the following week also. This is just a look here, for me, to get specific in the practices and give him an opportunity to get away from playing games day after day. He’s been one of the top guys in the league, so it’s a good break.”

Question: With Quick, the word “fatigue” has been tossed around a little…

MURRAY: “You guys bring it up. It’s not me. He’s not tired. He feels great. He’s physically strong, he’s mentally fresh. But as a player, if you just play and play and play, you’ve got to guard against that sometimes and give him the opportunity to practice. … When you’re playing every other day, with all the travel that’s going on, it’s near impossible for the goaltenders, especially, to give it that kind of a push.”