O'Donnell postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Sean O’Donnell’s postgame thoughts…

(on his goal…)
O’DONNELL: “What happened was, I think Fro shot it from the half-wall, and then they had no one in front. It was one of those plays where you know there’s a chance that that’s where the rebound is going to come. That’s the best-case scenario. The worst is, we’re up by a goal a couple minutes left, and you don’t want to give — I think it was Erat — them a chance to come down 2-on-1. So once he shot it, I was kind of already backtracking, but sure enough, we got lucky and I kind of sat there. One of their guys kind of dove, and I just didn’t want to hit him in the pads. It worked out.”

(on ending the winless streak…)
O’DONNELL: “Other than the Dallas game, I don’t think we’ve really been playing that badly. We’ve been snake-bitten a bit. We’ve been not doing the little things, special teams, things like that, that you have to do. But I think this was a real good game for us, because this isn’t an easy place to come play. They make you work for everything you have. We’ve been playing a lot of games lately. They’ve been playing a lot of games lately. I don’t want to say `must-win.’ It’s still the regular season, but to feel a little bit of pressure like we did, like, `We need to get a win here,’ and to come into a place like this and get an impressive win in that manner, I think that was hopefully a real stepping stone for us.”

(on Bernier…)
O’DONNELL: “I’ve only seen him two games, but `poise’ seems to be the best word. I don’t think it’s an accident when see a lot of pucks hitting him in the pads or hitting him in the shoulder or whatever. You’ve got world-class players over there, and they seemed to be hitting him in the chest. He just seems to be sound, positionally, all the time. When he does have to make a save, the one on Weber in the third period, that’s a world-class save. He’s about as dangerous a guy on the point as you want, and he had the top corner and he [Bernier] made the play. He’s poised and calm back there, and it’s nice to play with a young goalie that seems to have that already.”