Murray postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…

(on Bernier…)
MURRAY: “He had a big game here today. This is a building that we haven’t had any success in. You see his composure on that first power play that they had. He was under control, he absorbed some pucks. The season that he has played in the minors has really done good things for him. He’s showing signs of becoming a real good goaltender at this level.”

(on O’Donnell’s goal…)
MURRAY: “The end result, the whole thing, is because of Fro with the shot mentality, getting pucks to the net. It’s a sharp angle. You’re just hoping something can happen, that there is a loose puck and, hey, OD practices that top corner a lot. It was a huge goal, obviously, to kind of solidify the win for us in this very difficult building to play in.”

(on whether Bernier will stay with the team…)
MURRAY: “Yeah, he’s going to be on the plane.”

(on ending the winless streak…)
MURRAY: “We were playing well 5-on-5, but our special teams had not been able to get the job done in the last three games for us. Here it is tonight, there’s only maybe three power plays in the game, and that maybe is a sign of what we need to do for the next few games. Show composure, lots of discipline, a lot of poise out there and making sure we’re not putting any pressure on the referee to make some calls. We’ll keep it with that look.”

(on Parse’s goal…)
MURRAY: “There’s not a lot of guys going to score that goal. That’s a great play by Randy Jones, first of all, on the faceoff. He’s showed great awareness of holding on, and composure, and buying time, and then for that play to come as quickly as it did, with the speed that he’s coming to the net with, and to place it where he did, not a lot of players can find that small spot.”

(on getting a big win…)
MURRAY: “We talked about this in the pregame. We’re battling from behind in the last three, four games. We’re down by a goal, two goals, and we play, and we play like we’ve been playing all year long. That’s the kind of attitude that we need to come at the start of the game. Don’t be afraid of winning. Just go after it and have some fun. This is the best time of the year for a hockey player, and I think we showed that in the beginning today.”