Ersberg postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Erik Ersberg’s postgame thoughts…

(on the Flames’ second goal…)
ERSBERG: “I tried to box the first guy out. Apparently, they had a second guy coming, which I didn’t really see before. It’s unfortunate. Other than that, I thought I played a decent game.”

(on not getting much offensive support…)
ERSBERG: “It would have been a 1-1 game (without the second goal), but we’ve got a game tomorrow, so we just have to go at it again.”

(on the tight defense in the third period…)
ERSBERG: “We played a solid game. We kept them out of too many good chances. I thought we played a good game. Maybe we didn’t get too many high-quality chances either. It was kind of like a playoff game. Lots of hits, lots of (bad) feelings out there. We have to learn how to win these games, because this is how it’s going to be from now on, if we want to be a playoff team.”