Murray's reaction to hit - LA Kings Insider

After the game, Terry Murray had a testy exchange with a Calgary television broadcaster about Dion Phaneuf’s hit on Anze Kopitar…

Question: What was your concern in the first period, in terms of the hit on Anze? What was your concern about that hit?

MURRAY: “Are you serious? What is my concern.”

Question: Yeah.

MURRAY: “You’ll have to ask that a different way, then. Why did Phaneuf get thrown out of the game? Because it’s in the rule book, right? That’s one of the dirtier hits in the game. That’s been addressed at the league level, and that’s why the referee called a game misconduct. You don’t think it’s a dirty hit.”

Question: I was asking you that.

(different reporter) Question: You were very upset with coach Sutter on the bench, pointing fingers. Can you tell us what you were telling him?

MURRAY: “I was saying Happy New Year.”

I’ll have much more after the flight to Minnesota…