The ghost of Matt Moulson? - LA Kings Insider

Teddy Purcell and Matt Moulson have little in common, but could the thought of the latter be impacting the former? Moulson had six goals in 29 games with the Kings, over two seasons — including a stint as a first-line winger at the start of last season — before he signed with the New York Islanders this summer. Now, Moulson has 11 goals in 26 games.

Moulson acknowledged earlier this season that he entered with a different approach and mindset. What does that have to do with Teddy Purcell? Probably nothing, except that Purcell is starting to be considered something like a Moulson-like underachiever. Could it be that the Kings have Moulson in mind when they continue to give Purcell top-six and power-play minutes, even though he hasn’t scored a goal in his last 21 games? Terry Murray was asked that question this morning…

MURRAY: “No, I haven’t thought that way about it. I want to see him succeed. I want to put him in positions where he’s in an offensive situation and is going to have some opportunities to score. We keep putting him out on the power play because we know that creativity and vision on the ice is there. He has a grade A skill level in that part of the game.

“I think sometimes his confidence level starts to drop down a bit. We’re seeing some pucks fumbled, and not holding on and sucking guys in and making them come to him and finding the open player, on the power play in particular. It’s not quite the way it has been in the past, but we want to stay with him right now and give him the opportunity to work his way through it.”