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Going back to the dads’ trip for a minute, I talked with Jonathan Quick — whose father, Doug, made the trip — about what the trip meant to him…

Question: Being here with your dad, what memories does it bring back?

QUICK: “Last night, I’m trying to go to sleep and he’s still just snoring like he always does. It brought me back to being 12 years old, when we would go to tournaments and he’d keep me awake, snoring, back then when I was 12. It hasn’t really changed at all in the last 10 years. It made me laugh a little bit when I was trying to go to sleep.”

Question: Your family is on the East Coast. Have they been able to see you play a lot since you turned pro?

QUICK: “When I was in Manchester, that was only three hours from my hometown. So in the American League, he was able to see quite a few games. He watches pretty much every game on TV. He came out last year for a week and saw some games. He comes to the games on the East Coast — Long Island, New York, New Jersey, games like that.”

Question: Playing in front of family, does that increase the motivation to play well?

QUICK: “It doesn’t change your game plan, but obviously you want to play well. He logged a lot of hours, traveling and bringing me to games and tournaments. He sacrificed a lot, obviously, so that I would be able to play hockey growing up. I’m sure that he’s proud that I’m in the position I’m in, but you want to give him a good showing when he comes out here. I’m sure the whole team wants to play well since we’ve got all the fathers out here. Not that it should change anyone’s game plan. You can’t look into it too much. You just have to play.”

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