Doughty postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Drew Doughty’s thoughts on the game…

(on his emotion after his goal…)
DOUGHTY: “Yeah, I was pretty excited. Two shifts before that, I made a couple mistakes there, so I was pretty upset with myself. And then scoring the goal and obviously putting our team up, it was great.”

(on the third-period turnaround…)
DOUGHTY: “Terry came in (the locker room) in between the second and third and he gave it to us. He told us we weren’t playing the way we were capable of, and after that I think the team stepped up to the plate. Everybody did their job, of sticking to the coach’s game plan, and that’s why we came out with the win.”

(on what he saw on his goal…)
DOUGHTY: “Actually, no one on the team really tried to block my shot, so I had a whole lane to the net. I just put it where the goalie wasn’t, and luckily it didn’t get blocked or hit a stick. I was pretty fortunate to get it in. … The shift before, I had the exact same opportunity, even closer to the net, and (the stick) snapped. That’s the thing about those one-piece sticks. They break quite often, but it would get to get it back.”