Jones settling in - LA Kings Insider

Randy Jones had his second practice with the Kings on Sunday, and isn’t expected to play Monday at Phoenix, but Jones said he is fitting in better by the day.

JONES: “The nerves kind of settle down a little bit and meet everyone, meet the guys, and get on the ice and get associated with everybody. It’s been nothing but fantastic so far. I’m having a blast getting to know the guys, and so far they’ve been treating me like gold, so it’s been really fun.”

Jones said he wasn’t impatient about getting into the Kings’ lineup.

JONES: “It’s definitely understandable. I have to be here and get situated a little bit and meet the guys and get practicing. It’s tough to go to a new organization, a new team with new systems.”

Finally, Jones was asked to compare the system he had with the Flyers and the one he is joining with the Kings.

JONES: “I’m still going over them. This is day two here. I’m working hard and I’ve had some pretty good practices here. The systems are pretty similar, but you just have to get used to the guys and how they play, and get comfortable before you just step out there and get at it.”

Here’s what Terry Murray said today about getting Jones in the lineup.

MURRAY: “I don’t have a specific day. We had a meeting, a couple of they, yesterday after the practice and talked about this. He’s the player that’s going to be out for tomorrow’s game, adding depth, a NHL defenseman. We needed seven guys back there, and very happy to be able to add him. He will get in soon. I don’t have a specific plan.”