Kopitar, Quick postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider


(on the back-to-back games…)
KOPITAR: “It was two hard games. There was a lot of hockey played. Playing 60 minutes — actually 65 minutes — two consecutive nights here, it wears down the body a little bit. A day off is always welcome. You get to spend time away from the rink and recharge your batteries, and we’ll be ready to go (in practice on Saturday).”

(on only scoring two goals in two games…)
KOPITAR: “Maybe fatigue a little bit, maybe trying to make some other plays. It was a mix of everything. Them boxing out on us. But it is what it is. We’ll take this point and make it a two-point game the next one.”



(on his game thoughts…)
QUICK: “You got to take away the positives. The team’s playing great and we took both teams into a shootout. Unfortunately we ended up on the short end of the stick there, so you just got to keep pushing, keep doing what you’re doing, and get back at it tomorrow.”

(on whether he felt disappointed not beating the shorthanded Canucks…)
QUICK: “You could look at it and say that, I guess, but Vancouver’s a great team and if you don’t play your best you’re not going to win the game. So we did play well.  Raycroft played great so you know you can’t say we’re supposed to win it, but it would have been nice to get two points.”