Making Quick work - LA Kings Insider

Jonathan Quick will be back in goal tonight for the Kings…and tomorrow night against Vancouver…and every other night until Terry Murray decides he wants another look. Quick hasn’t had trouble with a heavy workload in the past, but I wanted to get his opinion on it, and also how he deals with it in a physical sense…

QUICK: “When you start getting games under your belt, you get into a rhythm. If you’re not playing every game, it’s tough to get into a rhythm, and it’s harder to build off every game. When I play well, I try to build off that and try to continue going from there. You just have to take that mentality toward it.”

(on whether he has to pace himself with the workload…)
QUICK: “I wouldn’t say `pace yourself,’ because then you almost have a mentality of trying to conserve energy. That’s something you try to do, but during a game you’re just working to make every save. You just have to take every game for what it’s worth. You work hard every game, every practice, trying to get better. The biggest thing is just making sure you’re recovering well after practice and after the game, doing the right things to make sure you’re ready for the next game. Rest and eat well.”