Near-perfect PK - LA Kings Insider

The biggest challenge the Kings might face tonight – other than their own health – might be the Columbus penalty kill, which is the best in the league so far. The Blue Jackets have killed 18 of 19 opponents’ power plays and have even scored a shorthanded goal. That’s an even bigger concern for the Kings, who have struggled on the power play in the past two games. Terry Murray talked today about the Columbus power play…

MURRAY: “They are very aggressive. They are really good through the middle of the ice. They get the angles and they push you into the places you want you to go as you come onto their side of the red line. They pressure any pucks on the boards, any fumbled pucks, any bad passes. That’s a green light for that guy, and all four guys are following it up. Even, as you will see, their defenseman in their own zone, PK, he will come up above the top of the circle, pressuring up that far.

“So it’s that attitude that kind of catches you by surprise. I think that sometimes as you play that style, and teams start to get a look at it, now you’re going to get a lot of quality plays going against you sometimes, with that kind of an aggressive attitude. But early, you can really accomplish a lot.’’