Greene's thoughts on Game 1 - LA Kings Insider

I talked to Matt Greene today and asked him what, in terms of mistakes and/or habits, the Kings needed to avoid in order to avoid having games such as Saturday’s become regular affairs…

GREENE: “Bad habits and mental mistakes. Swinging, instead of stopping and starting, in the defensize zone. Turning pucks over. Too long of shifts. Everything can be corrected mentally. I don’t think it’s physical ability. I don’t think it’s the talent level or the compete that we have in this (locker) room. I think last night was just strictly the mental game that cost us. The good news is, that is easily correctable. The bad news is, you did it yourselves. That’s the frustrating part. It’s up to the individuals in this room to eliminate those mistakes.”

Then, I asked Greene, because there were mistakes in so many areas of the game, whether it was easier to forget about them all and simply move on to attempting to play a better all-around game on Tuesday.

GREENE: “Let’s hope so. Let’s hope that’s what it is, because right now something’s got to change, from today until Tuesday, in terms of our play. That’s unacceptable, what happened last night. Let’s hope that everybody can just flush it out of their system, chalk it up to first-game jitters and get going here.”