Doughty's worst game - LA Kings Insider

Of all the bad things that happened for the Kings in last night’s game, the most surprising, by far, was the poor play of Drew Doughty, whose turnovers led directly to two third-period goals and who was in the penalty box for Phoenix’s first goal.

Doughty did have a goal and an assist last night, but both Doughty and coach Terry Murray agreed that last night’s game was the worst of the 82 Doughty has played for the Kings.

MURRAY: “He never played a game like that last year. But, you know, whenever you get down by a goal or two goals, he’s got that kind of mindset that, `I can get it back. I can do it, and I’m going to show you the way.’ And I love the attitude. Unfortunately, last night for him, it just came right back at him, and it ended up in our net a couple times that he tried to grab a hold of it and take it the other way. That’s something he’s got to work through.

“I see him in practice today, working the way he did, and I think it’s behind him already. I think he’s that kind of a character player. He doesn’t like it, he feels bad about it, but it’s time to move on and get ready for the next game.”

Here’s what Doughty said, when asked whether he could remember ever having more of a `nightmare’ game, all around…

DOUGHTY: “You know what? No. It was disappointing the way us as a team, and by myself as well, how we played yesterday. Me personally, I made two bad passes and they scored twice. I wish I could take those two passes back obviously, but I’ve just got to kind of forget about it and come out the next game and play my best.”