Defensive changes coming? - LA Kings Insider

Terry Murray said today that he would contemplate a lineup change for Tuesday, most likely moving Peter Harrold into the lineup in place of Alec Martinez. That could depend upon the health of Dustin Brown and whether Harrold is needed to play forward.

As mentioned in one of the in-game updates last night, Murray was moving defensemen around from the early stages of last night’s game. He was asked about that after practice, and if he thought changes needed to be made…

MURRAY: “I’m thinking about that in the middle of the game, believe me. I didn’t like what was happening with our tandem play, with our puck support, with passes that were bobbled and end up being kind of soft plays, with turnovers coming back at us. Somtimes a change is good. That’s something we need to talk about here this afternoon, as a staff. It’s got to get better. It was better throughout the exhibition series, I thought. Whether it was a young guy in his first NHL game out there that had problems, I don’t know, but he’s got to get through it, and if a change helps, we’ll do the change.”

I followed up by asking him if he was committed to having Martinez in the lineup on Tuesday, assuming Brown can play.

MURRAY: “Not definite. No, not definite. Harrold is there. I’m going to think about it, but I don’t have a definite for you right now.”