Waking up with the Kings

Waking up with the Kings: December 21

Shootout losses aren’t always the most difficult to digest – those one points add up over time – but any satisfaction the Kings could draw out of earning a point on the road against a team that had won nine in a row was muted with the understanding that a second point was clearly there for the takin... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 19

There are very compelling 1-0 games, and then there are those similar to Sunday’s matinee at TD Garden, won by the Bruins in a physical match-up that featured effective shot blocking on both sides and not a bevy of chances down the center of the ice. Given David Pastrnak’s absence and several other ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 17

Moving to 2-1 on a season-long nine consecutive games away from Staples Center, the Los Angeles Kings did not benefit from as tight of checking as the score would indicate, but rather outstanding penalty killing and for the first time this season had their bacon saved by a goaltender who stole them ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 16

Several abbreviated thoughts on Los Angeles’ 4-1 win over Detroit on Thursday night: -The theme of Thursday’s game was Big Goals. This wasn’t a game that the Kings would’ve wanted to play from behind in, and 21 seconds in, Dwight King used some nice boards play to work the puck to the left point,... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 14

After a first period that was occasionally eventful, and, for the local fans, occasionally sleep-inducing, and a second period that opened with a beautifully placed puck by Tyler Toffoli to 2016-17 Los Angeles Kings MVP Jeff Carter, a 2-0 lead evolved into a 4-2 deficit during a six minute and 13 se... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 11

The Kings’ 4-1 win over the Ottawa Senators on Saturday afternoon reinforced that wins are wins are wins, and they’ll grab points any way they can. Los Angeles did enough of what it had to do to earn a victory – they cashed in early on a major power play and relied on Peter Budaj for much of the res... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 9

It’s always a treat when the Carolina Hurricanes visit Staples Center and Dieter Ruehle dusts off Brass Bonanza, the Hartford Whalers’ unofficial anthem, for the only time of the year. He did so twice on Thursday – once as part of his doors-opening medley, and once again in the first period before s... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 5

It’s easy to think of Saturday’s shootout loss to the Canadiens as another anomalous performance, one in which the strange juju of the Arizona game seeped into the weekend, but really, other than a mix-up up or two in coverage and intermittent loose play, Los Angeles was fine at home and showed good... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 1

Regardless of the direction of play for most of the game, or the Kings’ push during key stretches, or a very strong second period, the downfall of Los Angeles’ 4-1 loss to San Jose on Wednesday was the result of the sloppy beginning and end to a first period in which the visitors ruthlessly turned t... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: November 27

Other than a bizarrely ineffective first period power play and a jointly conservative third period that reduced the game to a number of icings and stoppages, the Kings and Blackhawks played a tight game sustained by a good pace and high-quality goaltending that was ultimately won when Jeff Carter’s ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: November 24

Virtually all beat writers keep a journal or a word document or some sort of scratchpad to collect thoughts and assorted notes that might be used in that night’s game story or saved for some project down the road. Through a good 45 minutes of game action Wednesday night, the #21/10H / LAK vs NYI / 1... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: November 21

Without the services of a number of key players, the Los Angeles Kings stuck to their tried and true style of play and emerged from Orange County with an emotional and gutsy 3-2 win that rode the Jeff Carter line for the first 40 minutes and Peter Budaj for the final 20 against an opponent both flat... Read More