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Waking up with the Kings

Waking up with the Kings: November 10

I watched Tampa Bay’s 5-1 win over San Jose on Wednesday, and there was a moment in the second period in which the Sharks were mistakenly caught with four players on the ice for an extended period of what was supposed to be even strength play, and the Namestnikov-Stamkos-Kucherov line immediately ma... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: November 8

In a game noteworthy for its chaos and savage beauty, two injury-ridden opponents continued to uphold what has evolved from a regional annoyance into a seething, caustic rivalry. Do not be shocked it both teams hold optional practices, or if players take maintenance days and mornings up until their ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: November 5

It’s not always the back-to-backs that serve as pitfalls – remember two seasons ago, when the Kings were 10-2-1 on the second night of back-to-back sets? – but rather the three-in-fours and four-in-sixes, and Los Angeles was ready from the start against a team that traveled west across the conferenc... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: November 3

I spend a lot of time on Twitter. It’s part of the job description. Over 82 games, there are highs and lows. One of the highs – and, I must say, this isn’t an extensive list – is tweeting out, once or twice a year, my favorite question. I mean it only out love and frivolity, and not ridicule. “What ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 31

It’s a tough end to a successful road trip, but given the familiar adage that it’s not whether you win or lose, but rather whether you’re “winning” or “losing,” well, the Kings lost a narrow road game to another first-place team on a game partly decided by a borderline incidental contact/goaltender ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 29

There’s not much more to read here that hasn’t been said already, but the only immediately accessible frame of reference for Anze Kopitar faceoff win to set up Tyler Toffoli’s buzzer beater isn’t even in hockey. It’s Derek Fisher’s catch-and-shoot off an inbounds pass from Gary Payton with 0.4 secon... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 27

Jonathan Quick isn’t big on milestones or accolades, but virtually everybody else loves a sharp, rounded number, and in his 500th career game he stopped 40 of 40 shots in keeping the Montreal Canadiens off the scoreboard. There are games in which he’ll be named one of the three stars with one of you... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 25

Even if the final 15 minutes of real time hadn’t unfolded the way that they did, there still would’ve been an interesting WUWTK to share. The focus would have been The Kings Didn’t Win, But It’s Looking Like Adrian Kempe Is Going To Be A Player, And That’s The Most Important Thing. And then Kempe us... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 24

On the surface, park and ride. The Kings lost a one-goal road game to a very good Eastern Conference team and had their chances in numerous situations to either jump out in front early or to tie the game late. From an evaluation that lacks depth, that’s not an awful way to drop a first game in regul... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 22

Several abbreviated thoughts on the Kings’ 6-4 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday night: -So, there were several things expected and several developments that proceeded quite unexpectedly at Nationwide Arena Saturday night. Jonathan Quick and Sergei Bobrovsky entered the night with sa... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 19

The Kings faced a desperate Montreal Canadiens team at the end of their home-heavy slate to open the season and ultimately turned a 1-1 game into a 5-1 win by sticking to their game and continuing to demonstrate that they’ll generate their own share of chances by continuing to check well in their ow... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 16

One night after withstanding a high-quality effort from their visitors, the Kings again had to fend off an impressive showing as the New York Islanders gained strength in many five-on-five moments as the game progressed but ultimately lost when John Tavares missed the net on a would-be equalizer in ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: October 15

There's probably a narrative that the Kings took a while to get going before they ultimately found their legs, and yeah, well, that’s probably true. The first period was their worst period of the young season in terms of sloppiness and attempts to build more than a lukewarm compete level, and by the... Read More