Andrew D. Bernstein / NHLI

Video: Black and White – The Program

The latest Black and White episode hits you hard from its opening sentence. Brantt Myhres, hired by the Kings in 2015 under the title Player Assistance, described the first time he had used cocaine. Drug and alcohol-free since late last decade, Myhres works from a small office connected to an equipm... Read More

Good morning, Dallas

Good morning, Dallas, good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Munters-free office tower view. We're now three road stops into the 2016-17 season, and not one Munters unit has been spotted in the wild. This is especially disappointing in Dallas, where one side of the hotel - generally the side tha... Read More

Good morning, St. Paul

Good morning, upper Midwest, and good morning, Insiders. Every year I talk a big game with my colleagues about how I'm going to rate the road cities in the Western Conference during the off-season, taking into account a variety of criteria such as in-arena WiFi, the view from the press box, the dis... Read More

Good morning, San Jose

Good morning, Silicon Valley, good morning, Insiders, and good morning, 2016-17 NHL season. It's always a refreshing time of the year in any sport when you can open the sports section (or, err, click on a standings tab) and see a blank, empty canvas. On equal footing are the Broncos and Browns, the... Read More