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Monday: LAKI goes quiet

A quick heads up from Blogging HQ: I'm helping out at home today and won't be attending or covering practice. LAKI content will pick up again from Glendale, Arizona on Tuesday. It's a busy week with a pair of back-to-backs in Arizona and versus Colorado, and at Philadelphia and Washington. There's l... Read More

Irregular LAKI schedule this weekend

Insiders! A happy Friday to you from...Ventura County? I've returned to Southern California for a wedding in Ojai this weekend and won't connect with the team until practice Monday morning in Denver. This will be a wonderful and celebratory weekend that clearly offended the schedule makers, who tabb... Read More

Meanwhile, back in Gundo…

Good morning, Insiders. This isn't your official practice report - no, that will come later - but rather a friendly Monday morning greeting to you from Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, where the team has reconvened for a practice before shipping off to the Twin Cities. I'll have some news and not... Read More

LAKI on vaca

Good morning, Insiders. I'm off for the next two weeks and won't be checking in frequently from my top secret glacial ice cave. Technically, I'm on call next weekend should anything of interest arise, but my next day of bloggin', commentin', and Tweetin' will most likely be Monday, August 29. Until ... Read More

Meanwhile, back in Gundo…

Good morning, Insiders, and thank you for bearing with a 24-hour battery recharging period as LAKI took a personal day away from the blog. Many errands were run. Players are trickling out onto the ice for practice at Toyota Sports Center as we begin the first post-deadline skate of the 2015-16 se... Read More

Good morning, Edmonton

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Edmonton. Due to a quirk in the schedule, the Kings won't play consecutive games in the same city until November 5-7, when they host Columbus and Florida. Though there have been gaps between some of the home games, this does almost give off a feel of a L... Read More