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So, where were we…

Good afternoon from El Segundo, Insiders. I am back at Insider Training, where I am venturing to re-learn all of the notes, tidbits and leads that I had forgotten over the last two weeks as all information other than How To Get A Baby To Behave On A Long Flight was quickly disregarded. Personall... Full Story

LAKI on vaca

Winter is coming. I'm taking my annual vacation through Labor Day, and speaking of labor, my word, that was a perilous trek last year through the Arctic Cordillera under the shadow of majestic but surly Barbeau Peak. Ay, the Ellesmere Inuit know of what they speak when proclaiming their mount to be... Full Story

Monday: LAKI goes quiet

A quick heads up from Blogging HQ: I'm helping out at home today and won't be attending or covering practice. LAKI content will pick up again from Glendale, Arizona on Tuesday. It's a busy week with a pair of back-to-backs in Arizona and versus Colorado, and at Philadelphia and Washington. There's l... Full Story

Meanwhile, back in Gundo…

Good morning, Insiders. This isn't your official practice report - no, that will come later - but rather a friendly Monday morning greeting to you from Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, where the team has reconvened for a practice before shipping off to the Twin Cities. I'll have some news and not... Full Story