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Good morning, Edmonton

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Edmonton. Due to a quirk in the schedule, the Kings won't play consecutive games in the same city until November 5-7, when they host Columbus and Florida. Though there have been gaps between some of the home games, this does almost give off a feel of a L... Read More

We’re ba-ack

Good morning, Insiders, and welcome back to real life after enjoying a long weekend (presumably!). A few minor LAKI early morning tidbits: -It's moving day today. My wife and I are (finally) returning to The Valley and will be situated a short bike ride away from Bamboo; the bike, of course, i... Read More

Checking in and catching up…

My fellow Insiders, our long national nightmare is over. I'm back from vacation (until next Thursday), and regular stories and reports will pick up once again on LAKI this week. I'm in the process of getting as much information on key actors as possible (see: Ehrhoff, Kopitar, Voynov, Richards, etc)... Read More

Photos: Insiders crush Bamboo

Without trying to sound too much like an advertisement here, Bamboo is an absolutely terrific restaurant. It's probably your best Chinese option in the Valley, and ranks among the very best Chinese places west of San Gabriel, Rosemead and Monterey Park. The Sweet and Pungent Shrimp is superior to al... Read More

Forum answers I

Good morning from LA Kings Insider HQ. It's the All-Star Break, and content will be posted only intermittently through Monday, so let's sit around in a circle and talk about a first half that produced a 20-15-12 record. All subjects are welcome, both on-topic and off. As long as Disqus doesn't crash... Read More