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An Inside Look At Kings Director of Amateur Scouting Mark Yannetti & the Scouting Process

In my nearly 45 years of covering pro hockey I remain intrigued by what goes into scouting and rating a hockey prospect. It was about nine years ago that then-Kings GM Dean Lombardi and the “Original Insider” Rich Hammond and I had an off night in Calgary. Dean invited the two of us to go to the jun... Full Story

Karlsson gets two games; Sodergran, Anderson to WJC; Doughty’s quotes; RIP Bob Crocker

TWO GAMES FOR KARLSSON | So says the Department of Player Safety on a hit in which Erik Karlsson made "the head the main point of contact on a hit where such contact was avoidable.” The DoPS' position is clear: the head is the main point of contact - “the majority of the impact is delivered to Wagne... Full Story