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Good morning

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Good morning, Dallas

From the Land of 10,000 Lakes to the Lone Star State, a two hour flight south has deposited us into the Pacific Division's eastern outlier. That may seem to be an innocent, Spanish style-roofed house pictured at center, but it is most certainly a nightclub that was causing quite the hullabaloo d... Read More
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Good morning, St. Paul

If you are to heed the Central Connecticut State University rankings from 2012, St. Paul is the fourth “most literate” National Hockey League city. Its twin city, Minneapolis, ranks as the second most literate city in the country. The formula is based on six “key indicators” of literacy: newspaper c... Read More
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Good morning, St. Louis

It's back to business in downtown St. Louis for the Los Angeles Kings, who are scheduled to hit the Scottrade Center ice shortly after noon. There was some snow on the ground that greeted us upon our arrival yesterday afternoon, but most of it melted under mild temperatures that should creep up towa... Read More
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Good morning, San Jose

The marine layer is burning off to give way to what should be a warm afternoon in the South Bay. It was a fairly late arrival last night - because of restrictions on late takeoffs and landings at San Jose International Airport, the team touched down in Oakland at a quarter to one before busing south... Read More
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Good morning, Vancouver

Depictions of the Pacific Northwest don't get much more accurate than this photo. The Bayshore West Marina and its expensive boats sit in the foreground of a narrow inlet. The entrance to Stanley Park, guarded by tall evergreen trees, lies shrouded by a veil of fog under drizzly skies. To the left, ... Read More
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Good morning, Chicago

It's because of shots like this one that I am reminded why I did not enter into a career in photography. Of course, the John Hancock Center and yet another water streaked window didn't exactly play into this blog's favor on a chilly February morning. We're on the Magnificent Mile, several blocks off... Read More