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Audio of Dean Lombardi’s conference call

I'll also post interesting quotes as I continue to transcribe them. Dean Lombardi, on the Simon Gagne trade: “I think there were just a number of things. Obviously you have a veteran player whose game is clearly defined and is a very good player. wasn’t fitting in, so to speak. That said, t... Read More
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The Gagne trade and collecting draft picks

With the Kings receiving a fourth round draft pick - a third round pick if Philadelphia makes the playoffs - General Manager Dean Lombardi has continued to stockpile draft picks in the absence of a first round selection this season. At last year's draft, Columbus chose to take Los Angeles' first rou... Read More
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Gagne to Philly; conditional pick to L.A.

I'll update this as the afternoon progresses, but the Kings have sent Simon Gagne to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for a conditional draft pick at the 2013 NHL Draft. Dean Lombardi is expected to chat in roughly an hour and a half, and I'll have more info on the blog at that point. Gagne ha... Read More
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Waking up with the Kings: February 26

-In his opening comments on last night’s game, Darryl Sutter referred to Jordan Nolan’s fight with Sheldon Souray as being successful in getting the team going. That was a key moment of the game, a turning point that opened the door for five players working in tandem to tie the game 12 seconds later... Read More