February 6 postgame quotes: Todd McLellan; highlights vs NYI - LA Kings Insider

Todd McLellan, on the loss:
We’ve played close games, tight games where I thought we’ve deserved better. Tonight wasn’t one of those. They were the better team. We probably got what we deserved. I did not like our play in our end around our blue paint one bit. We weren’t in shooting lanes as they were, and we got what we … deserved, and we’ve got to be better than we were tonight.

McLellan, on Jonathan Quick’s strong performance:
Yeah, he made some really good [saves], and even that last one, the guy shot it from the goal line in the corner, it caught the post. It had nothing to do with that. It was our play in and around the paint and we made it a focal point before the game to make a decision whether we were boxing out in front, and the third goal to start the period, we had a chance to break out clean and we didn’t, and we had a chance to box out out front and we did neither, and it’s in our net, and it’s disappointing.